Parrotville Old Folks

Distributed by

Walter O.Gutlohn, Inc

Directed By

Burt Gillett, Tom Palmer

Produced By

Amadee J. Van Beuren

Originally Released on

January 25, 1935

Running Time

7:12 minutes

Color by


Matron Birdkins phones to invite the Captain and his friend to the Old Folks Home to play some music and dance. Snow-covered and carrying their instruments, they arrive to be greeted by Matron Birdkins. Being cold inside, they put wood on the fire before playing and singing to the old folk. They enjoy a hearty meal and continue to party on, with the Captain's friend flung into a wall and having a clock fall onto him. His mishap amuses the old folk, who laugh.


  • This is one of the ressuieded episodes from Walter O. Gultonh.
  • Here it's two censorhips:
  1. At the begining of episode was loaded to hear like the opening.
  2. The ending was loaded from an unknow cartoon (hearing the same ending).



Parrotville Old Folks

Parrotville Old Folks