Rainbow Parade was a series of 27 animated shorts produced by Van Beuren Studios and distributed to theaters by RKO between 1934 and 1936. This was the all-color series and last series produced by the studio.

Many of the cartoons have no recurring characters, but some featured Parrotville Parrots, Molly Moo-Cow, Toonerville Trolley, and Felix the Cat. This series was purchased by Commonwealth Pictures in 1941 and was later syndicated for television. The 1935 short The Merry Kittens was used in an episode of The Wubbcast. Thunderbean Animation released a collection of the early Rainbow Parade cartoons on DVD in 2009. The second half of the series is available from the original negatives released by Image DVD/Blackhawk Films/Film Preservation Associates.


All cartoons released in 1934 were produced in Cinecolor. All shorts from 1935 were produced in two-strip Technicolor. All shorts from 1936 were produced in three-strip Technicolor.

2 cartoons, A Waif's Welcome and Cupid Gets His Man, have voices provided by Little Rascals actor Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer. He voiced the poor orphan boy and Dan Cupid.

Film Original release date Director Notes
Pastry Town Wedding July 27, 1934 Burt Gillett, Ted Eshbaugh
The Parrotville Fire Department September 14, 1934 Burt Gillett, Steve Muffatti The first of three Rainbow Parade cartoons featuring Parrotville Parrots
The Sunshine Makers January 11, 1935 Ted Eshbaugh Originally released as a promotional film for Borden's Milk
Parrotville Old Folks January 25, 1935 Burt Gillett, Tom Palmer Features Parrotville Parrots
Japanese Lanterns March 8, 1935 Burt Gillett, Ted Eshbaugh
Spinning Mice April 3, 1935 Burt Gillett, Tom Palmer
Picnic Panic May 3, 1935 Burt Gillett, Tom Palmer The first of seven Rainbow Parade cartoons featuring Molly Moo-Cow
A Waif's Welcome June 19, 1936 Tom Palmer Voices by Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer
Trolley Ahoy July 3, 1936 Burt Gillett Features Toonerville Trolley
Cupid Gets His Man July 24, 1936 Tom Palmer Voices by Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer
It's a Greek Life August 2, 1936 Dan Gordon
Toonerville Picnic October 2, 1936 Burt Gillett Features Toonerville Trolley