Spinning Mice
[[Rainbow mice-1-|250px]]

Distributed by

RKO Radio Pictures

Directed By

Burt Gillett, Tom Palmer

Produced By

Amadee J. Van Beuren

Originally Released on

April 05, 1935

Running Time

7:17 minutes

Color by


In live action, a girl is reading a book. A boy shows up. There is a doll house, which the children look at. Suddenly, some mice come in and play around in the living room of the doll house. Then we see an animated mouse on a (static) real background, which tells a story. There is a fade-out and a fade-in; then we see the cartoon.

A dwarf with pointed hat and white beard is looking into a magic book and mixing different liquids together. He drops some of that liquid on two lizards in a cage. The lizards turn into doves. He opens the cage; the doves fly up. He gets another cage with a toad and turns that with his liquid into a squirrel. Then he goes into another room to get some more cages with animals.

Suddenly, a book on a shelf tilts, and a bottle next to it tilts also. Its contents flow down into the bowl with the magic liquid.

The dwarf comes back with a cage with some mice. He drops his magic liquid on that cage. The mice turn into little red devils. They bend away the cage wires and attack the dwarf. Then they look into the magic book and experiment with the different liquids. They mix another magic liquid together and drop that onto the dwarf. The dwarf turns into a rabbit.

The two doves see all this from above. They come down and look into the magic book. Then they get a bottle from a shelf and pour the content over the dwarf and the little devils, which are attacking the dwarf. The dwarf turns into his original look, and the little devils turn into mice again. Then the dwarf rips his magic book apart and throws it into the fire.

After another fade-out and fade-in, we again see the animated mouse on the real background and the children. The scene fades out for a final time.


  • This episode is one of the ressuiededs by Walter O. Gutlohn.
  • There were more censorhips in this episode:
  1. The mouse speaking with the boy.
  2. The dwarf pulling the mice in his hands.
  3. The mice transforming in devils.
  4. The devil inflates.
  5. The devils prepar the elixir.
  6. The dwarf put the last mouse in the cage.
  7. The dwarf rips the book.
  8. The end of the episode was loaded from an unknow one.


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